Jennifer Marriott - Owner and Creative Director


Jennifer is a web designer/developer, musician and author based in Northeastern Oklahoma, USA.

Jennifer has been drawn to technology since the first teletype was brought home by her Dad at approximately age 11, when she was hooked after the first ream of paper. Since that day she has followed tech trends from gaming to online networking and communications and has never looked back. Her early work in radio and television broadcasting, print media, advertising and desktop publishing led to a switch in the mid 90's to webdesign. Jennifer's toolbox includes:

  • Photoshop, Gimp and Blender
  • Illustrator and Inkscape
  • InDesign
  • Flash and Adobe Air
  • Various Digital Audio and Video Editing Progams and Suites including Final Cut, Premiere, ProTools and Logic

In December 2010, Jennifer released her first book with co-writer Elin Waring - The Official Joomla! Book, as part of the Joomla! Press Series an imprint under Addison-Wesley. To read more about the book and get helpful tips and information on Joomla! please visit The Official Joomla! Book website.

Jennifer is a consummate professional when it comes to clients, deadlines and producing the highest of quality in all she does, while continuing to hone her craft, skills and toolbox to meet their changing needs.

As well as being interested in all things tech Jennifer is a professinal musician. You can find her music at her website on iTunes here (for her Holiday single) and here with her band Odd Sheep Out. You can also find her music on CDBaby and DigStation.

Extended Marpo Multimedia Team and Partners

Bryan Chaikin - Principal Designer - D of G Design & Advertising, Inc.
Mary-Lynne Snedden - Principal Designer - hiLight Design
Andrew Pocock - Principal Developer - Intellectual Concepts Inc.
Cloud - Host and maintainer of the Official Joomla! Demo site. Try Joomla! with 30 days of free hosting.
Rochen - Host and service provider for the family of official websites - Performance hosting
The photos and graphics for Marpo Multimedia are the wonderful art of Photographer and Graphic Artist  -Wendy Robinson at

Who We Are

We're a company with a passion for all things media. We pride ourselves on keeping up to date with the latest software and trends so that we can provide you with the most flexible tools to meet the needs of your unique project.

We've taken the liberty of doing most things the hard way, only to find and perfect the smart way. You are only one email away from having our years experience and expertise at your service. Contact us today with your project vision and we'll make it your reality.

Official Joomla! Book

The Official Joomla! Book is available from all major online book sellers and your local book store.


Official Joomla! Book on Amazon or at  Safari Books Online visit the The Official Joomla! Book Website!